Volunteering vs Internship

Know The Difference

Have you read through the “About” section and now understand what the Shark Academy is all about? Did “Why `Us” clarify why we are a great choice for your next life and career adventure? If so, it’s time to pick a package suited to you!

The volunteering program best suites those who are seeking a sneak peek into the life of a marine scientist. It is targeted at sharks enthusiasts who are passionate about spending quality time with sharks and learning about shark conservation. The eight-week internship program is for anyone leaning toward a career in marine science, and provides deeper insights and responsibilities with our team. This is a more technical program and is perfect for your practical university placement!

For more information on our program, research, your tasks and experience please download the program guide.

We sometimes offer discounted rates, so send us an enquiry and we will let you know.


Our Packages

Delimiter White



Weekly Rate
Off season Sep-Mar: 550 USD/week

If you are time constrained but are searching for an incredible hands-on experience working with sharks, this is for you. No scientific background needed. A minimum of two weeks is required.

  • No science background needed
  • Peek into marine science
  • Contribute to conservation
  • Spend quality time with sharks
  • Have a great adventure
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Weekly Rate
Off season Sep-Mar: 475 USD/week

If you are a gap year student, trying to leave a positive conservation footprint, or a marine biologist looking for an internship placement – this is your chance. A minimum of eight weeks is required.

  • Science background ideal
  • Career development
  • Learn research techniques
  • Dedicated shark curriculum
  • Ideal semester placement
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Post-grad Students


Tailored Solution
Additional Fees Apply

If you are a marine biologist looking for great research facilities, strong mentorship and excellent scientific infrastructure for your MSc or PhD, we should talk. A minimum of six months is required.

  • Full access to research facility
  • Strong mentorship
  • Tap in to our resources
  • Contribute to local research
  • Stay as long as you need
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Why Are You Paying to Volunteer?

Like most other volunteering programs out there, our organization is 100% reliant on external contributions to finance our ongoing research and conservation efforts. Your fees will support our operational costs for boats, transportation, shark tags, lab equipment, housing, and more. From the smallest light bulb to the biggest shark tank, we couldn’t run our activities without you, so this is as good time as any to say: thank you!

Operation Expenses

Experience Science Hands On

As a small team, we work hard to ensure you get the most out of your experience at the Shark Academy. You will spend days at sea, assist with shark tagging and deploy baited remote underwater video (BRUV) systems. You will help with ecological surveys, run focal surveys on Great White Sharks, contribute to database management and data analysis, participate in lectures, workshops, and so much more.

Have a look at the summary of different activities you may participate in during your time. These are embedded in a flexible weekly schedule, which is very much weather-dependent and changes often.

Training Fundamentals

  • Ocean & Coast in SA
  • Shark Evolution & Ecology
  • Sharks & Fisheries
  • Shark population dynamics
  • Science Comms. workshop
  • Trophic Ecology & Sharks

Lab Activities

  • Shark handling
  • Shark husbandry
  • Data entry and management
  • Shark dissection
  • Shark sampling

Field Activities

  • Shark diversity surveys
  • Underwater shark census
  • Shark tagging
  • Sharks after dark
  • BRUV Deployment

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Fill out our contact form and ask any questions you may have. You can also view our FAQ section to see if some of your questions and answers are listed there.

We would love to hear from you and assist you in your journey to gain valuable knowledge and experience in marine conservation and South African marine eco-systems.