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In partnership with The Shark Company, Shark Academy is offering an all-new scuba diver training program. Staying longer than 3 weeks with the Shark Academy? Already a certified diver? Why not sign up for our exclusive Research Diver Training Program?

The Research Diver Training Program is designed specifically for scientists, conservationists and divers who want to build their skills studying sharks above and underwater. This program combines the best of the Shark Academy scientific program with 3 PADI Distinctive Specialty courses offered by no other company in the world.

How does the Research Diver Training Program work? In just a few simple steps you can apply for the best shark science and scuba training program! (1) Book for 3+ weeks and select the Research Diver Training Program on our dropdown menu when booking your spot with the Shark Academy. (2) Send a copy of your most recent scuba diving qualification (you must have the equivalent of a PADI Open Water certification) to our Administrator, Mariana. (3) Pay the deposit to secure your spot. (4) Jump on a plane to South Africa!

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We take every precaution to ensure our dives are as safe as possible – for the divers and the sharks. As with every ocean-based activity, however, there is always a small risk involved. That’s why we kindly request all our divers present proof of insurance to cover any dive related incidents. Your insurance must be valid throughout your time with us if you are hoping to dive with the Shark Academy. If you already have insurance, great (please see that it explicitly covers scuba diving related accidents). If not, no problem! Thanks to DAN SA, you can become a temporary DAN member and get insurance for as long as you need it while you’re here!

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