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We work in partnership with our parent company the South African Shark Conservancy.

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Our Shark Academy delivers fantastic hands-on experience in shark science and conservation for volunteers and interns. Contact us and tell us how we can involve you in our work. Looking to pursue a career in science? Our program will develop your skills and improve your opportunities. Love to dive and want to learn more about sharks and their habitats? This is your 1-stop destination for shark education and exceptional interactions. Did we spark your interest? Don’t be shy… reach out to us with any questions.

Ask our team how we can help:

– develop a better understanding of sharks and marine conservation
– develop practical and fundamental skills to pursue a career in science
– create conservation change through volunteering activities
– have an amazing experience with like-minded people

Get in touch today and find out how the Shark Academy program can be tailored to meet your needs.

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